Recent News

  • Our paper on radiative proton-capture reaction on stable silver isotopes has been accepted to Phys. Rev. C. Best congrats to all coauthors!
  • The group has a new server. Code name: radium!
  • Alumnus Barbara Lagaki is now joining ISOLDE/CERN under an ERC scholarship. She will spend her PhD years working on exotic nuclei masses using advanced laser spectroscopy. Godspeed!
  • Our -yours truly- Sofia Kolovi is moving to Stockholm for a MSc in Nuclear energy (KTH/EMINE). We will miss you!
  • Our own Marilena Lykiardopoulou is heading to U. British Columbia/TRIUMF for a PhD on nuclear structure. Good luck Marilena!
  • Great news for Achment Khaliel! He received a full PhD scholarship by ELIDEK!
  • Theo will be a guest lecturer at the NCSR "D" Summer School (on 12.07.2017)
  • Kallia Tsampa has successfully finished her BSc thesis writeup!
  • Good news for three NuSTRAPistas. We are waiting for official announcements before posting details. Best congrats to you guys!
  • Kallia Garantzioti's poster was presented at SYRA2017 (by our collaborator Evi Nomikou)
  • Massive participation of our group to HNPS2017 with 1 oral and 7 posters
  • Dr. Sofia Karampagia (NSCL/MSU) has given a great seminar on latest progress in nuclear structure
  • Congratulations to our PhD candidate Makis Khaliel for receiving the Section's Academic Excellence Award!
  • Our paper in Nature Scientific Reports has been accepted for publication!
  • We have two invited speakers visiting soon. Dr. D. Patiris (HCMR) and Dr. E. Bakalis (U. Bologna) will deliver the Section seminar on the corresponding dates.
  • Congrats to our own Marilena Lykiardopoulou who got accepted at Univ. of British Columbia for a PhD. Marilena will work at TRIUMF studying properties of exotic isotopes.
  • Our paper has been accepted for publication to Phys. Rev. C
  • Happy New Year to all of you!

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