Theo J. Mertzimekis, PhD
Theo J. Mertzimekis Theo is an Assistant Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics at the Faculty of Physics of the oldest University in Greece, the University of Athens. He is an alumnus of University of Ioannina (BSc '93) and Rutgers (MSc'99, PhD'02), while he has been a professional researcher at several laboratories and universities around the globe, including MSU/NSCL, Berkeley/88in Cyclotron Lab, Yale/WNSL etc.
Theo's research interests include searches for exotic structures of isotopes at the limits of the nuclear chart using mainly radioactive beams and stable-beam investigations of isotopes at both fundamental and applied level. In addition, intense beams of charged ions and photons are used to explore phenomena in the environment. He is a frequent user of large European and US facilities, such as GANIL, ISOLDE, ANKA etc. He enjoys teaching and likes drawing strange objects. [WWW] [twitter]

Ahmed Khaliel, MSc, PhD Candidate
Ahmed Khaliel Ahmed (Makis) was born in Athens in 1988. He holds a BSc degree in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (class 2013) and has worked on Ginzberg-Landau model of phase transitions during his BSc thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Ch. Moustakidis. He joined NuSTRAP in 2015 aiming at studying astrophysical processes of p-nuclei, at medium masses. He received his MSc in 2016, and is now working on his PhD focusing on experimental nuclear structure. Makis has received an academic excellence award from the Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics at UoA and has recently earned a PhD scholarship from ELIDEK.

Katerina Zyriliou, MSc Candidate
Katerina Zyriliou Katerina Zyriliou is a MSc student in the Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Athens. She was born in Athens in 1994 and graduated from the Department of Physics at the University of Ioannina in 2016. Her BSc thesis focused on studying the resonances in the 12C-12C reaction by performing experiments at the Tandem Accelerator Lab (NCSR Demokritos) under Prof. X. Aslanoglou's supervision. She is interested in experimental aspects of nuclear physics and has joined NuSTRAP group soon after she was admitted in the Department of Physics MSc program. She speaks good english and some french. She has advanced skills on Windows and basic programming skills on C++ and LaTeX. She has been working professionally as a classic and modern dancer for the past 13 years. She enjoys movies and video games.

Spyros Peroulis, BSc Candidate
Spyros Peroulis Spyros was born in Athens in 1993 and is currently in his senior year of his undergraduate studies. Even though he admires experimental Nuclear Physics and all the inspired techniques used nowadays, he prefers to be a theorist, asking deep questions about the foundations of Nuclear Physics and our way to see the world. Spyros has collaborated with another member of the group on performing calculations for the production of secondary exotic beams in RIB facilities, such as NSCL (USA) and RIKEN (Japan), using the LISE++ code. He has recently started working on his BSc thesis involving critical point symmetries, collaborationg with Dennis Bonatsos' group at NCSR "Democritos". He speaks Greek (native), English and Italian (fluently), as well as basic French. Spyros has advanced skills on Windows Environment and writting in LaTeX. Also he has basic programming knowledge in C and Mathematica. [twitter][LinkedIn]

Christina Fakiola, BSc Candidate
Christina Fakiola Christina Fakiola was born in Athens in 1997. She is a sophomore student in the Physics Department of the University of Athens, and became a member of the NuSTRAP group from the first year of her studies. She is mostly interested in nuclear physics and astrophysics. Currently she is part of a team constructing the first radiation map of the University campus by measuring natural radioactivity. She speaks fluently Greek, English (Proficiency) and some German (B1 Goethe Zertifikat). She also plays the violin and the piano and enjoys literature.

Dimitrios Papaioannou, BSc Candidate
Dimitris Papaioannou Dimitris was born in Athens in 1993 and is in his senior year in the Faculty of Physics. He is interested in experimental Nuclear Physics and the various techniques used in modern day experiments. Dimitris has recently collaborated with another member of the group on performing calculations for the production of secondary nuclear beams in RIB facilities, such as NSCL (USA) and RIKEN (Japan), using LISE++. He has recently started working on a project involving nuclear quadrupole moment measurements. He has competent knowledge of LaTeX and speaks Greek, English (Proficiency) and basic French. He also enjoys playing basketball and reading books. [twitter]

Nike Togia, BSc Candidate
Nike Togia Nike is a Physics student at the University of Athens. She is currently working on her BSc thesis involving Photon Activation Analysis, a versatile nuclear technique for elemental analysis. In this framework she will use a linear accelerator at Agios Savvas hospital and germanium detectors for gamma-ray spectroscopy at INRASTES/NCSR "Demokritos". Nike speaks English, French and basic Spanish; she loves travelling, volunteering, exercise and handcrafting.

Christos Andrikopoulos, BSc Candidate
Christos Andrikopoulos Christos Andrikopoulos (b. Athens 1997) is a sophomore student at UoA/Physics that has joined the NuSTRAP group very early in his academic studies. He speaks good French and is proficient in English (TOEIC & Michigan Proficiency). For the time being, he is part of a team performing natural radioactivity measurements to construct the first-ever Zografou campus radiation map. He has a passion for nuclear physics, and discovery in general. His favorite hobbies are drawing, travelling, woodworking and tinkering.

Anastasia Kotsovolou, BSc Candidate
Anastasia Kotsovolou Anastasia Kotsovolou was born in 1997 in Kalamata, Greece, where she grew up until 2015. Anastasia is a sophomore in the Physics Department of the University of Athens. She is mostly fascinated by nuclear physics and astrophysics. For the time being she is cooperating with two other members of the group on performing field measurement to develop the UoA campus radiation map. She speaks Greek, English (proficiency) and German (goethe B1). She enjoys dancing, drawing and literature.

Ioannis Sideris, BSc Candidate
Ioannis Sideris Ioannis Sideris has recently joined the group to work on open nuclear structure questions emerging in fusion evaporation reactions. His work will focus on reaction residues following (p,t) and (p,3He) in fp-shell nuclei. The work is estimated to support future experimental measurements of the group in international labs.

Georgios Zagoraios, BSc Candidate
Georgios Zagoraios Georgios Zagoraios was born in Athens in 1994. He is currently in his final year of studies at the Physics Department of UoA and is interested in nuclear experimental physics and associated technology. He has recently worked on building an analog controller for electromagnets used in magnetic moment measurements with the Transient Field Technique. He speaks english and some german. He is also an alpine hiker and a scout leader.

Peggy Micha, BSc Candidate
Peggy Micha Peggy was born in 1993 in Athens and grew up in Aigaleo. She is near completion of her studies at the Department of Physics. She is particularly interested in both experimental Nuclear Physics and Medical Physics, targeting a MSc degree in the near future in one of the two scientific fields. She is a book lover, movie-goer and a dedicated Panathinaikos fan. She holds a CPA degree in English.

Lefteris Oikonomopoulos, BSc Candidate
Lefteris Oikonomopoulos Lefteris Oikonomopoulos is in his senior year in the Faculty of Physics. For his senior thesis project he has taken over the task to perform advanced simulations of a sample-detector system with special emphasis on realistic conditions and geometry. He speaks English, Spanish and some German.

Ioanna Psyrra, BSc Candidate
Ioanna Psyrra Ioanna Psyrra is currently a senior student at the Physics Department of the University of Athens. For her bachelor thesis, Ioanna will carry out nuclear astrophysics measurements at the Tandem Accelerator Laboratory (INPP, NCSR Demokritos).