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Theo J. Mertzimekis, PhD is an Associate Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics at the Department of Physics of the oldest University in Greece, the University of Athens and an Academy of Athens Laureate in Experimental Physics. Theo has a strong commitment in scientific excellence, academic integrity, scientific communication and public outreach, being a thrilled fan of Carl Sagan's scicomm style. For a full profile visit his personal page at [].
Georgios Siltzovalis (PhD candidate)was born in Athens, in 1991. He graduated from the Department of Physics at the University of Patras, in 2016. One year before his graduation he completed an internship at NCSR Demokritos under Senior Researcher Dr. G. Apostolopoulos’s supervision on the construction and calibration of a device for electrical characterization of materials at high temperatures. In 2018 he completed the graduate program in Medical Physics – Radiation Physics. His MSc thesis was based on calculations and measurements of neutron fluence in the treatment room and along the maze of a 18 MV medical linear accelerator, under supervision from Prof. J. Kalef-Ezra (University of Ioannina) and Research Director I.E. Stamatelatos (NCSR Demokritos). In 2021 he joined the NuSTRAP Group to initiate his PhD on simulation and optimization of a novel spectrometer for in situ radioactivity monitoring in oceanic environments. The above study will be part of the H2020 EU FET RAMONES Project.
Polytimos Vasileiou (PhD candidate) graduated from the Physics Department in 2018. He is fascinated by nuclear physics and initially joined NuSTRAP in order to research more on nuclear spectroscopy and related experimental setups. Timos completed his MSc thesis on studies of radiative proton-capture reactions in mid-weight nuclei. For his PhD he has focused on the structure of neutron-rich nuclei in the Hf region. Language credentials include C2 in English, C1 in German and B2 in Spanish. Timos has good skills on Windows enviroments, and basic knowledge of Linux enviroments, and C and LaTeX programming languages. He is also a swimmer and enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.
Katerina Zyriliou (PhD candidate) a PhD candidate in the Section of Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Athens. She was born in Athens in 1994 and graduated from the Department of Physics at the University of Ioannina in 2016. Her BSc thesis focused on studying the resonances in the 12C-12C reaction by performing experiments at the Tandem Accelerator Lab (NCSR Demokritos) under Prof. X. Aslanoglou's supervision. She is interested in experimental aspects of nuclear physics and has joined NuSTRAP group soon after she was admitted in the Department of Physics MSc program, where she worked on the analysis of gamma angular distributions of medium-heavy nuclei. She obtained her MSc in summer 2018. She speaks good english and some french. She has advanced skills on Windows and basic programming skills on C++ and LaTeX. She has been working professionally as a classic and modern dancer for the past 13 years. She enjoys movies and video games.
Ana Dura (BSc, MSc) was born in Tepelene, Albania in 1994 and was raised in Athens, Greece. She graduated from the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment in 2016 and went on with her MSc studies in Environmental, Disaster and Crisis Management. Her MSc thesis focused on the Disaster Management Cycle in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan swept across the country in 2013, and consisted of primary data along the path of the typhoon. She currently pursues a PhD degree working on the development of machine learning algorithms aiming at natural hazards risk assessment. Ana is an ELIDEK Scholar. Her scientific fields of interest oscillate between geology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. Ana grew up in diversity and speaks six languages. She is an incognito freelance short story writer and a genuine lover of the fine arts. She is passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and is exceptionally adventurous.
Ioannis Sideris (BSc) has recently joined the group to work on open nuclear structure questions emerging in fusion evaporation reactions. His work will focus on reaction residues following (p,t) and (p,3He) in fp-shell nuclei. The work is estimated to support future experimental measurements of the group in international labs.

Giannis Vitsikanos (BSc Candidate) was born in Athens in 1996. He is a senior student in the Department of Physics in UOA. He joined the NuSTRAP team in his final year to study the perturbed angular distribution of gamma rays from nuclei experiencing a static magnetic field. Giannis speaks Greek (native), English(C2) and French (B2) in addition to programming knowledge in C and Python. In his spare time he enjoys biking, skiing and weight lifting.
Margarita Efstathiou was born in 1999 and she grew up in Athens. She is an undergraduate student in the Department of Physics in the University of Athens. Margarita has taken over the analysis of recent data from the gamma detection array ROSPHERE to study the excitation functions of stable Yb isotopes impinged by 12C ions. Generally, she loves experimental physics because she likes to see the laws of nature in action and how to set up a layout to do this. She has basic knowledge in programming in Matlab environment. Her favorite hobbies are travelling, theatre, playing videogames and watching football.
Polytimi Iosifidou (b. 2000, Athens) was firstly exposed in the world of physics in 4th grade and since then all her career decisions were easy to make. At the moment she is an undergraduate student in the Dept. of Physics and has recently joined the NuSTRAP group. She speaks greek (native), english (C2-Cambridge) and german (B2-Goethe) and also has programming skills in C++ and python, which are much needed in the project about exotic nuclei masses, that she is currently working on. For her, constantly questioning our perspectives is the only way to make progress in our understanding of Nature.
Michalis Kontis has joined the NuSTRAP group at the beginning of his senior year, looking to work on a computational project involving state of the art instrumentation and detector simulation. He has taken over the responsibility to carry detailed Geant4 simulations on various setup alternatives involving the proposed gSPEC apparatus at GSI. He is currently serving his mandatory duty in the Greek Army forces awaiting graduation.
Christos Andrikopoulos (BSc Candidate) is a senior student at UoA/Physics that has joined the NuSTRAP group very early in his academic studies. He speaks good French, is proficient in English (TOEIC & Michigan Proficiency) and some Russian is there, too. For the time being, he is. He has a passion for nuclear physics, and discovery in general. For his BSc thesis he works at the Tandem Lab of NCSR "D" setting up a neutron detector array. His favorite hobbies are drawing, travelling, woodworking and tinkering.
Anastasia Kotsovolou (BSc Candidate) was born in 1997 and grew up in Kalamata, Greece. Anastasia is now a senior student in the Physics Department of the University of Athens. She is mostly fascinated by nuclear physics and astrophysics. She is currently participating in experimental work at the Tandem Lab of NSCR "D", focusing on upgrading the BGO Ball Detector Array. She speaks Greek, English (proficiency) and German (goethe B1). She enjoys dancing, drawing and literature.

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