NuSTRAP Workshops

NuSTRAP Workshops

[18.01.2020] RAMONES unofficial Kick-Off
Online 14'00-18'00 CET

14’00-15’30 Partners presentations
15'30-17'00 Administration and Managerial Presentations
17’00-18’00 Open Discussion and Wrap-Up comments

[07.04.2016] 2nd NuSTRAP Workshop
Physics Building, Karapiperis Room, 10am

10’00-10’30 Myrto-Eleni Assimakopoulou / Sharing of few newly gained experiences, reflections and reshaped goals
10’30-10’50 Efthimis Kouvaris / Study of a HPGe crystal features and IAEA reference sample characterization
10’50-11’10 Vaso Angelopoulou / Detailed study of the GEROS HPGe detector with a combination of techniques
11’10-11’30 Kallia Tsampa / Nuclear target characterization using RBS
11’30-11’50 Ioanna Psyrra / Experimental studies of cross sections of the reaction natAg(p,γ)108,110Cd related to stellar nucleosynthesis
11'50-12'00 Wrap-up comments

[04.06.2015] 1st NuSTRAP Workshop
Physics Building, Karapiperis Room, 10am
10’00-11’00 Varvara Lagaki / Isotope Separation using lasers
11’00-11’30 Athanasios Psaltis / Cross section measurements for the astrophysically interesting 113In nucleus
11’30-12’00 Eleni Mitsi / RICOCHET: a quick-and-dirty approach to analyze synchrotron μ-XRF data